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Hello. I was wondering if you knew the song in season 2 episode 6 when Mary Eunice is dropping her bathrobe in that flashback from the poolparty. ― Anonymous

whats the song playing in the last episode of season one where Violet meets the guy who moves into her old room? ― Anonymous


Well… if you guessed Circus, you were close… 

Next season’s theme is Carnival!!!

(so in theory, more Bearded Ladies than Creepy Clowns) 

(also, I’m calling it now that Lobster Boy comes into play somehow!)

so that was March 17th of this year

and can I just say……….

BOOM. nailed it. 

Is the piano music in the freakshow teaser called "Trapeze" from any specific song? ― Anonymous



coming up shortly

It’s by Melanie Martinez

nope, thats a different promo than what they are asking about.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Vivian Troon, Roderick Elms, Sir John Gielgud & Andrea Licata

Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf

Carnival of the Animals Grand Zoological Fantasy: No. 7 - Aquarium

Season 4, Trapeze Promo

Is the piano music in the freakshow teaser called "Trapeze" from any specific song? ― Anonymous

coming up shortly

Hey guys, I have a small favour to ask you all. 

I am in the running for a contest to attend a meet and greet for a singer I really enjoy and if anyone would be willing to help me out, I’d really appreciate it

All you have to do is click this link (https://www.tunespeak.com/tl/RJyprclY) and play the video… you can watch it, let it run in the background, whatever, but that’s all you’d need to do to help me out

AND YES. there will be giveaways again this season. I will still pick winners for the S2 poster and DVD and we will have more merch coming to us for this season, so stay tuned!

if you click the link, thank you and hey, maybe you’ll just find another new tune you love!

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