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In case there was anymore questions about the fallen angel trailer

ever get the red/white rave promo music? ― Anonymous

The information is here ::

I tried to contact them to purchase the song, they never responded. 

UPDATED: FX confirms that the teaser is fan made. No teasers from “Freak Show” have been released.

I know its only just come out like a few hours ago but do you know what the trailer music for freak show is called? I tired looking everywhere!labels-r4-clothes

there is no confirmed trailer yet, but if youre referring to the fallen angel one thats floating around, thats Pink Martini & The Von Trapps - Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour.

It will not be added to this page until the video is confirmed by FX or AHS specifically. 

i guess Tate was right…

I'm pleased to inform you that you've been nominated for Best Overall blog on the 2014 AHS blog awards. Goode luck! ― Anonymous

I saw! I am chuffed, thank you! Whoever nominated me thank you times TWO!

I definitely voted for this blog but I noticed that the Helpful Blog category has some OTHER AHS music blog and I messaged them and told them that it's lame because that other blog wouldn't have ANYTHING if it weren't for you and I am just really steamed at the idea of the other blog winning. ― Anonymous

WOW that was fast.  

well firstly, thank you for saying so, i appreciate the sentiment very much but it looks like the nominations came from others and i would have gladly and shamelessly nominated myself but i didnt know about it until it showed up on my dash ten minutes ago. 

hopefully people here know that the info came from here, for the most part… i mean obviously some of the songs were public knowledge, being posted on the FX website and all but the ones i had to get from my contacts and buy through the actual film industry websites, yea… that sucks that someone would try to take credit for that. 

but i havent seen the other site either so i dont know, maybe they have something stating that it was found or provided by me? idk. 

but its just a fun little awards thing and again, while i totally appreciate the sentiment, im not too worried. 10k of you know whats up, thats what matters :)

and thanks for the vote!