American Horror Story: Coven’ Panel - Comic-Con International 2014

Hello! I was wondering what the title/artist is of the song that plays while Ben is sitting on the couch in Hayden's appartment in season one. Thank you! ― Anonymous

Carina Round’s “Do You”

carries over from when Vivien brings Violet the cupcake, same song. 

Bernard Herrmann

Vertigo Soundtrack

The Dream

Season 1, Episode 1

Vivien meets Constance

Alan Silvestri

What Lies Beneathe Score

Forbidden Fruit

Season 1, Episode 1

As Adalaide watches the house

Hey, first of all I just want you to know that I love your blog it's the best collection of the AHS soundtrack around the web. Secondly, I've found two songs that aren't listed on the page. The first is in the first scene of the pilot - Forbidden Fruit by Alan Silvestri. The second's playing when Constance visits Vivien - it's The Dream by Bernard Herrmann from the Vertigo score. I hope I've helped you a little and keep up the good work you're doing :) ― Anonymous

WELL SPOTTED. I had just assumed that was more of Levine’s score! Posting now, thank you, very good info! Hope to get more of these as time goes on!

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In case there was anymore questions about the fallen angel trailer

ever get the red/white rave promo music? ― Anonymous

The information is here ::

I tried to contact them to purchase the song, they never responded.