2048: American Horror Story MurderHous Edition →

2048: American Horror Story Asylum Edition →

2048: American Horror Story Coven Edition →

Michael Chiklis joins the cast of American Horror Story for AHS: Freakshow

lots of new followers, time to show off my Tate video again! :D

Well… if you guessed Circus, you were close… 

Next season’s theme is Carnival!!!

(so in theory, more Bearded Ladies than Creepy Clowns) 

(also, I’m calling it now that Lobster Boy comes into play somehow!)


So… like I was saying, even with the newly acquired job, the last two checks from the current one are gonna be so lousy, theyll likely only cover me for rent so I still need to earn money for bills to hold me over til I start getting checks from the new job.

that in mind, let me please remind you all of the following…

My eBay account still has items for sale and likely more will go up in the coming weeks. 


Please have a look at the items and pass along any to friends you know that might like this stuff. If you can’t buy something, if you could please help pass it along, that’d be helpful.

Also, some might have noticed I have added new items to my RedBubble store. Again, please have a look and pass it along to anyone who might be interested.  


I don’t get paid as quickly with RedBubble but every little bit helps during the transitional period between jobs.

Lastly, if you don’t see anything you like but still wanna help, my paypal is still open for donations as well using rikkisixx@gmail.com

I hate even putting that there cos I’m sure some anon is gonna come in here and accuse me of begging, even though I’m doing plenty to *earn* money (it just isn’t coming in enough time or amount…) before I start my new job (that I changed to because of how poorly my last job was paying and leaving me and how I don’t have a roommate anymore and now don’t have food stamps so theres another 15-200 dollars per month that I don’t get anymore) BUT people ask for it so I’m putting it there. whatever. 


apparently my redbubble shirt i made that just says “i am the next supreme” violates copyright