Hi! Sorry for a throwback, but do you know the song in S2 E11 "Spilt Milk" when Lana is with the cops and confronts the monsignor? Thanks for your helpdoittoitlars

sorry, if it’s not one of the Pino Donaggio ones from the Carrie soundtrack, it went unidentified

Paloma Faith in A Perfect Contradiction by Dallas Lyn Miller →



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Walter Brown and the Jay McShann Orchestra

Sloppy Drunk

Season 4, Episode 2

Opening Scene, on the radio

I absolutely love your blog omg.walmartvevo

And I love you all right back!

Do you know what song was playing during the scene when the freaks were listening to the radio?thatratchetshit

wow for a second I was annoyed cos I was like I TOTALLY POSTED THAT already but looked and apparently I hit DRAFT instead of PUBLISH. 

Iiiiiiim an idiot. It’s on the way ;)

Slim Whitman

Indian Love Call

Season 4, Episode 2

Original version of Bette’s performance

Doris Day

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Season 4, Episode 2

Popular version of Dot’s performance

Dean Martin

Love Me, My Love

Season 4, Episode 2

Gloria goes on a drive

Bette and Dot Tattler


Season 4, Episode 2

Bette and Dot’s Performance

Fiona Apple



Season 4, Episode 2

Original Version of Bette and Dot’s performance